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RINA  logo personifies that we are all about Mind, Body and Soul.

Rina Skin Care was established in 1995 with one branch in Johor Bahru focusing primarily on traditional Indonesian massage & SPA services. With its unique and traditional method of SPA services, Rina has grown to five branches in Johor today attracting and servicing clients from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Today, Rina Skincare has not only excelled in the SPA services but also in its unique range of beauty and skincare products all over Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Although spas have existed nearly a thousand years ago, it is only a couple of years back that the “spa experience” has become affordable and popular with the masses as people associate spa treatments as part of a holistic approach towards healthy living. People are becoming more aware of the rejuvenating powers of these treatments and are using them to look good, feel good and rejuvenate their souls.

Today the spa philosophy is moving towards a preventive and pampering approach for their clients. The experience is not focused so much on self indulgence as a spiritual, harmonious and natural treatment for the body. A balance between inner and outer beauty is back in vogue and the Indonesian spa experience helps to gain this harmony.

Beauty is believed not only to be external but also internal so that any treatment that is associated with the pursuit of inner peace is desired. Taking the time to indulge in spa treatments helps the client get back in touch with their bodies as a rewarding ritual. Although few people are completely satisfied with the natural shape of the body they are born with, they can always improve what they have by paying respect to it. This is achieved by taking time to look after your health. Unfortunately, many ignore this simple task until some sickness or life-changing event shocks them into doing so. It is almost ironic that by taking a couple of hours out of a busy schedule, it is possible to rejuvenate the body and spirit with a relaxing session in the spa, enable people to better cope with the demands of our hectic lifestyles.

Rina SPA sets out as a pioneer in the early 90’s by adopting traditional Indonesian treatments in their Spa menu. Combined with the use of RINA natural range of spa products and massage oils, clients will be infused with the healing touch and fragrances of a totally tropical journey.

Since 2010  RINA have assist  entrepreneurs who wants to integrate the concept of Traditional Indonesian spa” into their spa facility with Rina SPA licensing program . The RINA team, with the help of associate Spa consultants to create menus, protocols, trains and equips spas with locally and foreign trained therapists.

Presently, we have partnered with individual investor and have set up our 1st licensing spa in a strategic location at Taman Desa Tebrau Johor Bahru .

Rina Skin Care Quality Assurance

Rina Skin Care products are officially registered under the Drug Control Authority of Malaysian Ministry of Health and its quality control is monitored and implemented in accordance to National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau of Malaysia’s standard. The products are manufactured in factories which comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. In addition, Rina Skincare (M) Sdn Bhd is also a member of The Cosmetic, Toiletry And Fragrance Association of Malaysia.


(Rina Skincare (M) Sdn Bhd Wholesale License No. MALLB20061029)


Our Concept
"The Touch of Beauty" is to elevate the quality and lifestyle of every woman of all ages. Using Rina's beauty and skin care products, our goal is to truly bring out the gentleness and feminine touch of each female client who are often stressed out from work or playing the role of motherhood. We strive to offer products that are RICH IN NATURAL ATTRIBUTE to bring out the inner beauty of a person. With our various methods of massage therapy and SPA services, we cater to each of our client's individual needs assuring them with full freshness and liveliness after the treatment/service.

Our Vision

  • To become a well recognised global brand
  • To establish stand alone Rina Skincare SPA outlets in major international locations
  • To export and introduce Rina range of skincare products in major international locations
  • To establish Indonesian traditional therapies as an international spa trend


Our Mission

  • To promote Malaysian  made  raw  materials by incorporating them into RINA Skincare formulations
  • To trained a well educated pool of  Malaysian spa therapists and managers to be exported to fill the ever growing demand of the wellness and spa industry